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You’re an
anchor on
my soul

and all I
want to
do is sail

Not having to save,
not needing to fix- a soul;
to bask in your bliss.

Daily Haiku #197 Jared M. (via remnantsofapoet)

She’s gonna make a mess. They’s gonna be a bad mess about her. She’s a jail bait all set on the trigger.

John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men (via backshelfpoet)

I promise to make you so alive that
the fall of dust on furniture will deafen you.

Ordeal by Nina Cassian (via kateoplis)

it didn’t matter
what you said at the end
it was never going to be the same
it was bloodshed, ripped skin
we couldn’t piece
back together

mydarlingwhispers, the bone winter (via mydarlingwhispers)




we live in a world where pizza gets to your house before the police.

That’s because the pizza guy has consequences if his job is done incorrectly.

Oh snap

(Source: bullied)



Where do I go when my eyes close?
When the world I see goes away
Because my mind has lost its sight
I can’t feel my heart at night
When I’m asleep, no one is there
Not even me for all those hours
Passed without anything to show
Do I exist anywhere?
Except the dreams I can’t remember
Somehow stolen away from me
As the light again erases the night

I’m the dragon who burns everything by trying to love.
You can be the princess, or just the other half to this scorched story.
My passionate flame left everything in shambles,
And I can’t see through the acid in my tears.
I’m the dragon.
All fiery, white-hot affection.
Waiting for the innocent, waiting to be damned.
I am the dragon, never feeling the love in return.
I am the dragon,
And no matter how hard the dragon tries,
In the end, the dragon never wins.

Annika W. “I Am the Dragon”

Was reading some of Siken’s poetry today and found so much inspiration in his words.

(via pmamamysterious)

I never tell you this


but sometimes
I want to slip a word
slip my tongue
into your ear
whisper something
for you and you alone
a lightbulb *ting*
to make you think
to make you smile
to make you remember
but I generic the words
make it seem my verse
is anyones’s dream
lest we disrupt
the order…

I want a dress the colour of suffering.

Rachilde, The Marquise de Sade (via rabbitinthemoon)

Sun was set as mood took to neglect


Scratch… etch and scribble
Nothing noted worthy of write
Mind numbs , bones ache
holding Pen anticipating result
Yet , null
Void and blank remains the page
Lack emotion is true contrast
Sharing current thoughts
Completely withheld
Biting lips , cracking knuckles
Banging head on desk
Saying nothing
Writing nothing
Apart from
Noting count
Of day
Made four

it didn’t matter
what you said at the end
it was never going to be the same
it was bloodshed, ripped skin
we couldn’t piece
back together

mydarlingwhispers, the bone winter (via mydarlingwhispers)

We are Venus;
pearl-white, dipped in danger,
and silent as a first breath.
We dive head-deep into the dark,
naked skin soft with summer.

And in between our toes is the mud,
the birth of broken rules and a love for life.
We float to watch the stars,
breasts breathing in the night.
Sometimes, beauty doesn’t come with words to follow.

Not too far are the lights switching from yellow to red.
Not too far are the beds we will crawl back into
when the night is over,
but even the blankets will tell the difference;
we’re coming back changed.

daisylongmile, Skinny-dipping (via daisylongmile)

unraveling dawn


forgive me for stealing you away
soft wind’s silence and invisible array
the sun creeping up in hopes
of surprising me with the coming day

but it is no gift, it is no prize
all light fading from doubtful eyes
the rain echoes in the mountains -
rivers bloat and double in size

the flood is ephemeral, so is dawn
burrowing away soon as light is gone
tracing itself inside my mind -
proof that beauty forever lives on